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We can help you understand your client's unique DNA to provide a personalised, differentiated service 

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Gyms, Health Clubs or Spas

For gyms, health clubs, spas, wellness centres and organisations looking to offer personalised nutrition solutions to your clients

Doctors and Medical Practitioners

If you are a clinic, health screening company or nutritionist please get in touch 

Individuals and Influencers

If you are a Personal Trainer or run a Health and Fitness website, or have a health and lifestyle focused blog or social media group we'd love to hear from you 

Increase your knowledge

We will provide extensive information to help you understand the science behind our tests. As a partner you will also be able to discuss with our team how you best help your clients by providing personalised nutritional advice. 

Grow your business

We will provide any marketing materials required. We’ll also be available to assist on request and provide access to our dedicated scientific and support teams.

Gain an edge on your competitors by partnering with DNA Plan.

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