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*By ticking the box you are consenting to your genetic data and self-reported information (age, date of birth, ethnic origin and sex) being used for research that may be published in scientific journals. Self-reported information does NOT include registration information you have provided when purchasing your DNA Test, such as name, address, email address or payment information.

Health and Fitness Check

Choose this test if you would like: a baseline level of your health, so that you know you are fit to train and can monitor improvements. £69.00

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Anti-Ageing Skin Test

We look at genes which provide an incredible insight into your:

  • Susceptibility to glycation and Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs), which are linked to fine lines and wrinkle formation
  • Collagen and Skin Elasticity - how to improve production of collagen to maintain younger and healthier skin
  • Antioxidant requirements for healthy and glowing skin
  • Skin sensitivity risk - how to prevent and recover from sensitive skin
  • Pigmentation risk - how to prevent pigmentation from occurring
  • Cellulite predisposition - how to prevent and improve
  • Stretch mark predisposition - how to prevent and improve
  • And more!

    How it Works

    Once you have bought your DNA test online and we have received your order, we will send your DNA kit out by Royal Mail first class.

    When you receive your DNA kit you will see that it contains your swab, your sample envelope (to put your DNA swab in once you have taken your sample), and a pre-addressed/pre-paid envelope which you place the sample envelope in.

    Once the lab receives your DNA sample, it will take approximately 14-21 days to receive your DNA report. During this time when your sample is being processed, you will receive several informative emails. These emails will include lots of interesting information, including what genes we cover, what the results mean and much more.

What People Are Saying:

“Following my diet and skin plan has improved my skin massively - just take a look at my before and after photos! I now have a personalised nutrition plan, personalised skincare product plan and personalised skin treatment plan! I have been advised what supplements I personally need to promote optimum skin health and slow down the rate of photo-ageing. Skin treatments are a minefield, but having had my Anti-ageing Skin DNA Test I know exactly which treatments I will benefit from most, and even the right skincare products for me.”

Alex Leigh