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The What IF Plan

The What IF Plan

The What IF Plan is the world's first Intermittent Fasting Weight Management programme based on an individual's DNA and blood markers.

The What IF Plan DNA Test looks at genetic markers associated with weight loss and weight management.The plan also includes a baseline at-home finger-prick blood test, which considers potential causes as to why you may not be losing weight. The test looks at your thyroid function to check if it is your metabolism which may be the reason why you aren't losing weight. It also includes HbA1c (diabetes check), iron (to test for anaemia, a prime cause of fatigue and low energy), and vitamin D, which research has shown to impact body weight.

Intermittent Fasting has proved so effective for weight loss and maintaining that desired weight loss, but it isn't for everyone - individuals with Type 1 diabetes, uncontrolled thyroid issues, of the elderly or underweight should avoid. Instead, these individuals should opt for the Diet and Fitness Test instead, but if you want to give Intermittent Fasting a go or have tried it with success in the past just sign up here.

The What IF Plan includes a 60 minute Skype/phone consultation with a MSc. qualified Nutritionist to discuss your DNA results and report, and any specific nutrition concerns you may have.

How it Works

Once you have bought your DNA test online and we have received your order, we will send your DNA kit out by Royal Mail first class.

When you receive your DNA kit you will see that it contains your swab, your sample envelope (to put your DNA swab in once you have taken your sample), and a pre-addressed/pre-paid envelope which you place the sample envelope in.

Once the lab receives your DNA sample, it will take approximately 14-21 days to receive your DNA report. During this time when your sample is being processed, you will receive several informative emails. These emails will include lots of interesting information, including what genes we cover, what the results mean and much more.

What People Are Saying:

“I went from a size 16 to a size 10 following The What IF Plan and it gave me more energy, I felt more control and I had way more energy to exercise. The plan is very flexible and easy to follow and if I did take a day off, it was very easy to start the next day with the two meals and 16 hour fast. I was in the best shape ever sticking to your plan (I was in size 10 River Island Jeans!) and now, I am expecting baby number 2 I can’t wait to get back on the plan once my baby is born and I get clearance from my GP!”

Heather Flynn (36), Surrey

“I have to say my initial scepticism has been proved wrong. I don’t like “diets” but this is more a lifestyle plan (works out your DNA and genetic food intolerances) which I have to say has had some great results, not only have I lost a dress size of my baby bulge. but my hormones and mood swings have calmed down, and my overall mental, emotional and physical health feels on an even keel. I wanted to sort out my sluggishness and bad diet and this seemed worth a crack. I can tell you – it is!”

Anna Williamson, TV Presenter

“My main reason for going on the plan was that I’ve suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) since I was a teenager so I wanted to find a way of eating that helped reduce the symptoms, as well as make me feel more confident and energised. I don’t own a set of scales but I definitely felt my stomach getting flatter after the first two days, and general bloat around the mid-section and thighs disappearing. Also, my IBS symptoms (bloating, sluggishness etc.) have pretty much gone, which is great!”

Nuria Stylianou, Journalist