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Beat the Bloat

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019

Bloating is very common these days, in fact it has been described as an “epidemic.” Many people have nutrient-poor diets, extreme levels of stress, constant exposure to toxins, and eat on the run. So, it is not a surprise that they are experiencing regular uncomfortable bloating!

Fortunately, there are some powerful nutrients and foods out there for beating the bloat, including: 


  • Probiotics, which act as friendly gut bacteria in your digestive tract, killing off bad bacteria, which can cause digestive issues. Natural probiotic foods include: kimchi, sauerkraut, live yogurt, and kefir.


  • Bone broth is another number one food for promoting gut health as it is anti-inflammatory.


  • Fruits and vegetables, which are water-rich provide water, vital enzymes and electrolytes and they are fantastic for relieving stomach bloating. Opt for raw or cooked leafy greens, cucumber, melon, berries, celery, fennel, and fermented vegetables.


  • Herbs, such as ginger, dandelion and fennel have been used for thousands of years to ease digestive discomfort. Ginger encourages the stomach to release its contents and it also relaxes the digestive tract muscles, which helps to alleviate constipation. Other herbs, such as parsley, act like diuretics and urge the body to rid itself of extra fluid.


Follow this 1 day meal plan to beat the bloat:

Breakfast: Live Greek yoghurt with fresh berries and melon.

Lunch: wild salmon salad with water-rich vegetables such as celery and cucumber, top with sauerkraut.

Evening: leafy greens stir-fry with fresh ginger, flavour with a tablespoon of chicken bone broth.


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