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Gene-ius Nutrition

Take Control of Your Nutrition, Optimise Your Health and Wellness.

You are individual, totally unique - so why follow the same diet as everyone else? We analyse your DNA, blood markers, gut health and your health history. Using this functional medicine approach we can determine your optimal nutrition and wellness plan, backed by scientific evidence and Personalised for You.

How it works - 4 easy steps

We will send your DNA, Blood or Microbiome Testing Kit(s) by Royal Mail First Class post. 


At home or another convenient location. All kits contain everything you need, including full instructions and postage paid return envelope. 

Send your sample back to us for processing by our accredited labs. The pre-addressed return envelope is included in your Testing Kit. 

We will update you when your personalised report(s) are ready, usually 2 business days for blood and 15 business days for DNA. 


Our Diet and Fitness DNA Test considers genetic variants associated with weight management, and how you metabolise carbohydrates, fats, caffeine, lactose and the type of exercise required for weight loss.

Our Anti-ageing Skin DNA Test considers genetic variants associated with photo-ageing, collagen quality, rate of collagen breakdown, antioxidant and Omega-3 needs required for healthy looking skin.

Our Emotional Wellbeing DNA Test considers genetic variants associated with cognitive function, memory performance, response to stress, emotional behaviour and predisposition to low-mood, anxiety, and impulsiveness. 


Choose this test if you would like: to understand why you are finding it difficult to lose weight.

Choose this test if you would like: a more detailed investigation as to why you are struggling to lose weight.

Choose this test if you would like: a baseline level of your health, so that you know you are fit to train and can monitor improvements.


Discover what foods are right for your body, and learn how optimizing the activity of your gut can dramatically improve the condition of your health. Microbiome testing provided in partnership with Viome. 


DNA Plan has featured in the following Press


I have to say my initial scepticism has been proved wrong. I don’t like “diets” but this is more a lifestyle plan (works out your DNA and genetic food intolerances) which I have to say has had some great results, not only have I lost a dress size of my baby bulge. but my hormones and mood swings have calmed down, and my overall mental, emotional and physical health feels on an even keel. I wanted to sort out my sluggishness and bad diet and this seemed worth a crack. I can tell you – it is!


Anna Williamson
TV Presenter


I wish I had known about genetically appropriate diets during my playing career, and how my body responded to nutrients such as carbs, fats, and lactose. Having this knowledge is a huge advantage in helping you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. The USA rugby 7’s squad, which I coach, have already benefitted significantly from Kate’s knowledge, and have experienced some great results following their personalised, DNA-based nutrition and fitness plans. I am very excited to be able to offer my clients at The Athlete Factory their own genetically appropriate diets and fitness plans, too.


Phil Greening
Former England and British & Lions rugby player


For me, the plan has been fantastic both physically and mentally. It’s enabled me to make the right food choices, with the result that I’m much less bloated and my waist is smaller. More importantly though, the difference to my emotional well-being has been fantastic. I’m less anxious, more balanced and more positive. It literally feels like a cloud has been lifted.


Sophie Barton
Former Executive Editor Closer Magazine


Following my diet and skin plan has improved my skin massively - just take a look at my before and after photos! I now have a personalised nutrition plan, personalised skincare product plan and personalised skin treatment plan! I have been advised what supplements I personally need to promote optimum skin health and slow down the rate of photo-ageing. Skin treatments are a minefield, but having had my Anti-ageing Skin DNA Test I know exactly which treatments I will benefit from most, and even the right skincare products for me.


Alex Leigh
Data Protection

DNA Plan adhere to a strict data protection policy to ensure your data is safe and abide by the UK Data Protection Act, so you can be reassured that your report is precise and your data secure.


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